Today, Keep America America Action Fund announced the placement of a billboard in New York City’s Times Square expressing the heartfelt gratitude and unwavering support of the American people for President Donald J. Trump and his steadfast dedication to always put the American people first, regardless of the endless unjust attacks upon him by the radical left. 

The billboard reads, “Dear President Trump, You’ve stood up for us, and we will stand up for you. Together, we will take back our country and restore our values. God bless America!”

View the billboard here

Lee Rizzuto, former Trump-appointed Consul General to Hamilton, Bermuda, former top Conair Executive, and supporter of the Keep America America Action Fund stated: 

“The American people are so thankful that President Trump continues to fight for us, despite the relentless and completely unfounded attacks by the radical left, whose goal is destroying our great nation. We, the American people, vow to stand up for President Trump, and I encourage every freedom-loving American patriot to get out and vote for President Trump. With President Trump’s help and continued strong leadership, I am confident that we will take back our great nation.”